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One of our clients wished for a more powerful RS engine specifically optimised for racing use.

Based on an origial RS engine we built a true racing engine in the course of the following weeks:

First of all the engine was disassembled to the last bolt and thoroughly cleaned. At the same time we took a complete inventory of the engine parts and precisely measured the dimensions of all relevant components.

The crankshaft was checked for wobble and hardness.

Thanks to the machining and polishing of all intake and exhaust ports and of the crankcase the power dissipation caused by internal friction effects could be significantly reduced.

New, Nikasil™-coated forged Mahle™ pistons run inside new cylinders.

New bearings for the crankshaft, the connecting rods and the intermediate shaft ensure maximum durability of the "new" engine.
To guarantee the oil delivery to the bearings and therefore the thermal stability of the motor, even under maximum load, the machine was fitted with a new, heavy duty oil pump.

All crucial components of the valve gear were changed against new parts: Chain sprockets, timing chains and and chain guides. Also, the original timing chain tensioners were replaced by hydraulic ones.

After we built in new valve seats and valves, the valves were carefully ground in. Together with new, precision-weighted valve springs the reconditioned cylinder heads were completed.

During the assembly all studs on the crankcase were exchanged for the new version studs.

To achieve a perfect mixture preparation the Bosch™ fuel injection pump was thoroughly cleaned and then tested and precisely adjusted on the test bench.
The bearings of the throttle plate were replaced with new parts as well as all ball joints and ball sockets of the accelerator linkage. Finally we adjusted the lengths of all components of the accelerator linkage.

As a result of all these measures our client receives an engine uncompromisingly optimised with regard to performance and stability for racing use.

Naturally we can also overhaul, modify and optimise your engine to meet even your most advanced requirements. Please don't hesitate to give us a call any time without obligation. Or simply visit us at our workshop.

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RS racing engine
RS racing engine